Drawn together by a love of Irish and Celtic music, the members of Alehouse Fire have decades of combined professional musical experience.  Based in Los Angeles CA, the group boasts a mix of traditional Irish & Scottish folk tunes,  along the lines of the Irish Rovers, the Dubliners and the Chieftons, along with more modern Irish songs by Flogging Molly, The Pogues and Dropkick Muprhy, to name a few. 

Every member of Alehouse Fire plays a number of instruments allowing the group to perform as a duo, a trio, a 4-piece and even at times, a 5-piece group.  Alehouse Fire has performed at events ranging from weddings and rehearsal dinners to private parties and corporate events.  And of course at countless Irish pubs. 

Whether playing completely acoustic traditional tunes for small gatherings or taking center stage in front of festival crowds, Alehouse Fire is sure to be a crowd favorite.

Musical Offerings
A Duo - Here we provide a guitarist/vocalist and a lead instrumentalist/vocalist, who would be playing (switching between) fiddle, mandolin, banjo, accordion, etc. This option is a great fit for smaller or more intimate occasions and gives a great traditional Irish pub feel with lots of energy and fun.

A Trio - Similar to the Duo, but we start to really show off our flexibility here and can put a 3-piece ensemble together with guitar and two lead instruments OR guitar, upright bass and one lead instrument; and of course 3-part vocals. We can also switch between these configurations through the course of a performance as needed. Maybe a mellower set during cocktails and then a more lively set after dinner fits your evening. We can fit the bill perfectly. 

A 4-piece (No Drums): This one is like the trio but this offers even more flexibility. Guitar, Upright Bass and two lead players? No problem. Guitar, 2 lead players and Bodhran (traditional Irish percussion)? No problem. If you want the full Alehouse Fire experience, but find yourself not needing a full drum set, we can put on a great show for any occasion with this line up. 

A 4-piece (With Drums): This is what you'd see most commonly if you saw us at one of our many pub or festival performances. Drum set, upright bass, guitar and a lead instrument PLUS 4-part vocals. This allows us to play any song in our catalog from old traditional tunes to current material. 

The "Full Monty" 5-Piece: Here we have our friend Brion Munsey play with us so we can have upright bass, drums, guitar and 2 lead instruments.  This is shown in the first couple songs on our demo video and really gives you a big helping of Irish goodness.  Perfect for larger events such as corporate parties, festivals, etc.  

Meet The Band
Don Kilcullen - Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo & Vocals

Don and Nate met through a Craigslist ad for Irish musicians and the two quickly hit it off, and so began the idea that became Alehouse Fire.  Don brings decades of experience in the Irish genre to the group, having hosted the now famous trad session at the Auld Dubliner in Long Beach for several years.

Don began his musical carreer as a guitarist and vocalist in several popular Southern Californian rock and folk groups, taking up the violin and mandolin later as he became more and more involved with the Irish music scene. 

Don also boasts one of the two nicest beards in the band, though it's often times obscurred behind a pint of Guinness!

Steve Lorenzen - Accordion, Mandolin, 5-string Banjo, Guitar,  Whistle & Vocals

Steve and Nate met in a previous music project, and when the chance to work together in Alehouse Fire arose, both musicians jumped at the chance. 

Not only does Steve hold a degree in music from Long Beach State, he also can accurately describe the brewing process of over 50 different beers.  This, in combination with his abilities on guitar, accordion, banjo, mandolin and whistle, make Steve the life of any party.   

Steve also performs in several other exciting groups including a 90's tribute band called Dick the Citizen and a popular country band called Pickleback Shine.   And while you won't see it at an Alehouse Fire performance, Steve really does look great in a 10 gallon hat!
Jack "Snow Cone" DeBaun - Drums, Percussion, Bodhran, Guitar & Vocals

Jack began his musical career playing drums in touring rock and punk bands in the 80's, including the ground-breaking act, Channel 3.   More recently, Jack has shared the stage with a number of local and national blues and rock-a-billy groups.

​Jack is also an accomplished guitarist and singer, who often times steps out front of the band to sing a ballad and strum a few chords. 

By his own account, he's only a quarter Irish, but to watch the way he handles the Bodhran, not to mention Jameson, you'd swear he was a Dublin native.

Why do they call him Snow Cone? Because he's cool as ice and plays so sweet!